Matt Kramer

Matt Kramer

USA - San Francisco


Matt Kramer has been a full-time wine writer for more than 40 years. He is the author of nine books including, among others, Making Sense of Wine, Making Sense of Burgundy, Making Sense of California Wine, Making Sense of Italian Wine, A Passion for Piedmont, Matt Kramer on Wine and his latest, True Taste. He was a columnist in every issue of Wine Spectator magazine for 24 years, as well as, over the years, a regular weekly wine columnist for the New York Sun, The Oregonian and the Los Angeles Times newspapers. He divides his time between Portland, Oregon and San Francisco.



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Communication – from science to public

Communication—From Science to Public

As science becomes ever more specialized in its focus, and consequently in its vocabulary, the challenge is one not just of conveying information but rather, of something closer to translation. What is the import of this discovery? What does this new understanding mean for everyday life? Not least, what also remains to be further explored that makes this latest announcement only part of a continuing story?

Too often, communication between scientists and the general public is either excessively narrow or even contradictory (think COVID or the healthfulness of moderate wine consumption). The result, of course, is public distrust and skepticism. The challenge is greater today than ever before, especially in public health.