Josep Masip

Josep Masip

Spain - Barcelona


Cardiologist and Intensivist. Research Direction Consultant in the “Consorci Sanitari Integral”, Barcelona (former Director of the ICU). Founding and Co-Director of AGMA-CLINIC Barcelona. Member of the Board of the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association (ACVC) of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). Chair of the ACVC Study Group on Acute Heart Failure of the ESC. President of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation for Wine and Nutrition Research (FIVIN). Professor of Cardiology at the University of Barcelona. Member of the Editorial Board of the European Heart Journal Acute Cardiovascular Care. Author of more than 200 publications, research abstracts or ESC clinical guidelines. National coordinator, member of the Steering Committee or principal investigator in more than 20 research trials. Faculty in more than 100 international cardiology congresses and meetings in the last 20 years.


- Integral Health Consortium. University of Barcelona.
- Member of 'Lifestyle, Diet, Wine & Health' Scientific Committee
- Chair of 'Lifestyle, Diet, Wine & Health' session 'Cardiovascular health'

Areas of expertise

- Cardiology