Jean-Claude Ruf

Jean-Claude Ruf

France - Dijon


Jean-Claude Ruf holds a PH.D. in human biology and a master's degree in biochemistry. Dr Jean-Claude Ruf Ruf began his research alongside Professor Serge Renaud on the French Paradox and on the cardiovascular effects of wine consumption.

Jean-Claude Ruf is the Scientific Director of the OIV, after having been Scientific Coordinator since 2004 and the Head of Unit of the “Safety, Nutrition and Health” Commission of the OIV.

Jean-Claude Ruf is in charge of the OIV's scientific and technical management and coordinates the OIV's scientific and technical work, as well as coordination between the various OIV unit heads. In this context, he plays an active role in the development and monitoring of OIV standards.

Jean-Claude Ruf also participates in and monitors scientific and technical work with other international organisations, in particular the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Codex Alimentarius (Codex Commission, Additives Committee, Methods of Analysis Committee, Contaminants Committee, General Principles Committee) and the ISO (cork committee, methods of analysis committee).

As the OIV's representative, he has also taken part in the European Alcohol and Health Forum and in meetings with the World Health Organisation's Addiction Department in Geneva.

Jean-Claude Ruf is heavily involved in issues concerning national and international regulations.

Jean-Claude Ruf is a member of several scientific and technical committees, as well as national expert groups, and is the author of numerous publications in international peer-reviewed journals.



- Chair of 'Lifestyle, Diet, Wine & Health' session 'The keys to extent longevity'

Areas of expertise

- National and International regulations