Randi Foraker

Randi Foraker

EE.UU. - St. Louis


Claves para mejorar y mantener la salud cardiovascular

M Keys to improving and maintaining cardiovascular health

The American Heart Association’s novel construct of cardiovascular health shifted a paradigm from a focus solely on disease treatment to one inclusive of health promotion across the life course. Recently the definition and quantification of each of the original metrics (Life’s Simple 7) were evaluated for responsiveness to interindividual variation and intraindividual change and new metrics were considered. The foundational contexts of social determinants of health and psychological health were addressed as crucial factors in optimizing and preserving cardiovascular health. This enhanced approach to assessing cardiovascular health is called Life’s Essential 8. Its components include diet (updated), physical activity, nicotine exposure (updated), sleep health (new), body mass index, blood lipids (updated), blood glucose (updated), and blood pressure. Each submetric has a new scoring algorithm ranging from 0 to 100 points, allowing generation of a new composite cardiovascular health score (the unweighted average of all components) that also varies from 0 to 100 points. Methods for implementing cardiovascular health assessment and longitudinal monitoring are discussed, as are potential data sources and tools to promote widespread adoption in policy, public health, clinical, institutional, and community settings.